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it's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lost the things that money can't buy

i'm a little overdue on an update. a lot has happened actually. sunday we had a leadership retreat thing at poe's condo. it was really fun. we played volleyball in the lake all day and went boating and jumped off the boat and went waterskiing. and then we played cards and football and ate. i thought i was only going to be there for a few hours but i ended up being there until like 8pm. then me tara and lindsay went to mike's house to chill. we just sat there and talked, like we always do at mike's house. lol. and then we came home. today at school was the same old thing. right after school me kara and james went to sandusky cuz james had orientation at chichi's and there was a best buy job fair at the holiday inn that me and kara went to. i kinda want to work there. anything to get away from food. oh yeah, and i'm applying at AE. i really really really want to work there. zach and mike work there. i hope i get hired. oh yeah, and i quit mcdonald's today. lol. kara just toldme this morning that i was scheduled 3-8 today, tomorrow, and wednesday. and i just decided that i wasn't in the mood to work. i've gone through a lot there. a lot of jr high acting 30 year olds that have 10 kids. needless to say the highschool kids that work there are themost mature and responsible people that work there. i want to call tim and tell him why i quit. if you ever read the entry about me dealing with all the shit from there then you know. people always gotta be talking about people theyre like DID YOU HEAR SHE SAID WHAT HE SAID THAT YOU SAID THAT HE SAID SHE WAS FAT. youre like like i give a rats ass. i hated it there. everyday i walked in there and put on my fake smile.. i thought doing something you hated would make you stronger. but a couple weeks ago i realize it only makes you stronger if you get rid of it at the right time. it felt really good. just toc all and jan answered the phone and i was like "jan? this is jill. i quit" real quick and shes lke "just like that?" and i go "yeah" and shes like "ok thanks bye" and hung up on me. i think she was pissed. but i think thats the problem. jan has an attitude problem. and so do the rest of the managers. i probably won't miss that job one bit. i feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. lol.



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