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sometimes you gotta run away to see who will follow

so yesterday me and tara went to work we were only 15 minutes late. we stopped at her grandparents because she forgot her ID and she needed to borrow a dollar to get a temp one. work was pretty awesome yesterday. there were way too many people working, but it was awesome. we spent most of the day cleaning up the storage and china and glass room and just cleaning up. which never actually really happens we just sit there and talk. haha. and then at like 5 we all left to go to bay harbor pavillion because we had a party there.. we never had a party down there before.all the rich people go to bay harbor. if you buy like grilled cheese there it's like 20 dollars. haha. so the party in their pavillion was very upscale. they had a band, and they had steak. me and tara got to serve drinks. that was fun. haha. it rained a little. all the people were relaly nice. rich people usually are. after we cleaned that up we came back and filled out our breakcards and me and tara walked on the beach. haha. how gay that sounds.. it wasn't. it was really nice actually. the beach is a nice htinking place for me. i could spend forever there just all by myself. andi never been there when it was dark and no one was there before. its cool. i dropped my phone in the lake. it still works though. haha. unlike the nextel phone that lindsay dropped in the lake and doesn't work anymore.... </3 nextel. after work we went over to aaron's house because we was having a party and invited us. it was pretty gay though. i didn't really know anyone there, except tara and we wereo nly there for like an hour i guess. we played euchre with some people we didn't know. oh well, i guess you meet new people everyday, you just hope that when you have a chance to do it you're actually dressed in your clothes and not someone elses and you didn't just get done standing in the rain for a couple hours. haha. well when i grow up, i definitely want to live along the water. i really want to be one of those rich epople that live along the water. because theyre so laid back, and they're never mean and it seems like theyre never stressed. i don't care what water it is, as long as it's water. i perfer it to be the ocean, but i think the ocean is more for younger people, like here the lake there are a lot of older people that have boats and go out to the sandbar and whatnot. well when we got home from aaron's i tried to call devin. but he was at julie's house. which pisses me off. but you know what pisses me off more is that james said he wanted to work my hours on monday and tuesday (today and tomorrow) like a week ago and he begged me and i let him and now hes all like i cant work for you monday. because he wants to sit on his ass at home. even kara works the same hours as him. but he doesn't want to. which pisses me off, because he gets out of school everyday at like 11 to go to work, although he doesn't actually go to work, he just goes home. and he just has to have so many hours before the school year is over. and he's not in NHS or leadership he doesn't go to the football games or anything he just sits on his ass. and i work just about as many hours in just saturday and sunday at cedar point than he does all week getting out of school early. yet he can't work for me today because i've been working/going to school for the past two weeks without a day off. and, i have to work next saturday and sunday at 7am too. it never stops, and that stresses me out. i need this day off. i need this weekend to be longer. sarah had a clam bake last night. i wnated to go, but i was really tired. so i went to sleep as soon as i got home. it kinda depresses me, because i haven't hung out with my friends in a while. i'm truely sorry you guys who are reading this. i miss you i wish we could spend more time together... let me know.
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