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life is like the weather, some days are sunny, others are rainy, and then there's those windy days that toss everything up.

on thur and fri i had senior pictures. i think i liked getting them taken with barb more than woodard buti had to do both because you have to do woodard if you want them in the yearbook. i guess ill probably post htem when i get them back or whatever if i can find someone to scan them. it got too late so i ended up not getting any taken with my car but shes gonna take a few when i go to pick the other ones up. my pickup date at woodard is like sept 4 i think. so basically both of those days ispent the whole day getting ready for pictures. after i got back from woodard me and kara went to the mall and then i think that's about it. there was also a football game friday night that i went to. it was against some team i never heard of... haha. they were from like by toledo or somethin... they were division 1 and we're like division 4 (which means they have more people in their school) so we don't usually play them. anyway. the game was close we were winning in the beginning and we ended up losing. ileft with like 2 min on the clock and score was like 32 36 and they were about to score another touchdown. so someone told me we lost. that sucks.. yesterday i had to work at cedar point from 11 to dash. it ended up being 11-4. that's gay. i wanted to leave at 2 but no one would let me and then me and jimmy got in a semi argument over if me stacie and cody could leave at 4. he's a bastard although i think he's getting better lately. this weekend is sara gott's last weekend. it's a happy day for me today. haha. nah shes not that bad, i guess. but it would be nice to have someone else for a change. umm yesterday when i got off work i went to the sandusky co fair in fremont and i met sarah and kelli and kendra there. nobody would go on the city side with me and the country side was pretty boring. but it was okay cuz i hadn't seen anybody in forever... so i spent the night there in a tent and it was really cold. haha. i just got home because i have to go to work at 11 and i woke up at like 7:55 and i didn't feel like going back to sleep cuz i thought i wouldn't wake back up. i'm gonna try to not work a lot today too. hopefully that works out for me. haha. i don't have any other plans, and today is sunday... but who knows.

heres and interesting convo with ched::
although he still has me blocked.. he was on brandons sn

JiIlyn [1:08 AM]: so he really doesn't talk to frankie any more
ched [1:09 AM]: nope
ched [1:09 AM]: hes really been feelin like shit
JiIlyn [1:09 AM]: since when
ched [1:09 AM]: today anyways
ched [1:09 AM]: today
JiIlyn [1:09 AM]: yea.. today
JiIlyn [1:09 AM]: today is yesterday tomorrow
ched [1:10 AM]: very good
ched [1:10 AM]: and very true
JiIlyn [1:11 AM]: and everything will be okay
ched [1:12 AM]: well maybe
JiIlyn [1:12 AM]: umm.. so has he said anythin bout me
ched [1:13 AM]: not today he hasnt said anything he kinda shut himself out
JiIlyn [1:13 AM]: well
JiIlyn [1:13 AM]: lately
JiIlyn [1:15 AM]: no? yea?
ched [1:15 AM]: no yah what
JiIlyn [1:16 AM]: JiIlyn [1:12 AM]: umm.. so has he said anythin bout me
ched [1:16 AM]: what i just told u thats it
ched [1:16 AM]: really
JiIlyn [1:16 AM]: just told me hwat
ched [1:16 AM]: he dont talk to us really
JiIlyn [1:16 AM]: oih
JiIlyn [1:16 AM]: who does he talk to
ched [1:16 AM]: no one
ched [1:16 AM]: hes not the sharing type he dont trust many
JiIlyn [1:17 AM]: you aint even about to be either
ched [1:17 AM]: and those he trusts he trusts till the fuck up then there done
ched [1:17 AM]: never said i was
JiIlyn [1:17 AM]: aight
ched [1:18 AM]: ok
JiIlyn [1:18 AM]: so ched
JiIlyn [1:18 AM]: whats up with you?
ched [1:19 AM]: what do u mean whats up with me
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: i dunno. whats new
ched [1:19 AM]: im taken
ched [1:19 AM]: ohh nothin really
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: hah i know that already
ched [1:19 AM]: just lookin for a j o b
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: oh wow a gf and a job
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: thats impressive
ched [1:19 AM]: no job yet
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: well
ched [1:19 AM]: it is
JiIlyn [1:19 AM]: actively searching is good.
ched [1:20 AM]: yeah i try
JiIlyn [1:20 AM]: im proud of you hah if that means anythin
ched [1:20 AM]: no not really
JiIlyn [1:20 AM]: thats cool
ched [1:20 AM]: but thanks
ched [1:21 AM]: well im about to go to sleep to see ya arounf
ched [1:21 AM]: around*
JiIlyn [1:21 AM]: what? haha
JiIlyn [1:21 AM]: aight will you tell brandon that
ched [1:22 AM]: tell him what
ched [1:22 AM]: u lost me
JiIlyn [1:22 AM]: that i tried to call but he was sleepin so to call me if he wants to talk tomorrow
JiIlyn [1:22 AM]: oh yea and whats up with his away messages?
ched [1:22 AM]: what about em
ched[1:22 AM]: what did they say
JiIlyn [1:22 AM]: umm
JiIlyn [1:22 AM]: after i called it said makin a profile and waiting fora phone call
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: thats why i was like
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: thats why i thought he was up
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: that was like, not that long ago though...
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: then like a while after that.. when justin got on and i talked to him it said showering and still waiting for that phone call...
ched [1:23 AM]: he has this program that after so long changes the away messages and profiles to what u want them as
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: thats why i called and i thought he was up and
JiIlyn [1:23 AM]: i was really confused..... haha
ched [1:24 AM]: oh
ched [1:24 AM]: well now u know
JiIlyn [1:24 AM]: yea
JiIlyn [1:24 AM]: one more hting
ched [1:24 AM]: im off to bed
ched [1:24 AM]: whats that
JiIlyn [1:25 AM]: im sorry for whatever i did that pissed you off or whatever and everything im honestly happy for you now. although you pry don't care. but oh well. and um well im just sayin this cuz i am and if me and brandon are gonna talk or whatever then you gotta be cool with me and you gotta be cool with it
ched [1:26 AM]: i hope u guys do honestly
JiIlyn [1:26 AM]: do what
ched [1:26 AM]: it dont bother me one bit
ched [1:26 AM]: im happy for ya
JiIlyn [1:26 AM]: aight...that's cool
ched [1:26 AM]: but im off to bed
JiIlyn [1:26 AM]: you should be but i just dont want to feel hostile or like
JiIlyn [1:26 AM]: you feel hostile twoard me or anytihng haha
JiIlyn [1:27 AM]: andthanks for tellin me that tonight and tellin brandon tomorrow
ched [1:27 AM]: nope not at all
ched [1:27 AM]: will do
ched [1:27 AM]: ttyl
JiIlyn [1:27 AM]: night
ched [1:27 AM]: night

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that was kinda cool... if you wanna do it go to http://www.gothboffs.co.uk/trustflow/trustflow.pl?

it's the people that have viewed your journal that you dont have as friends.

oh yes and school starts on tuesday... so here is my schedule:

class teacher sems days
1. senior economy yantz 1 mtwrf
1. senior government gravenhorst 2 mtwrf
2. spanish 4 a.p. senor 12 mtwrf
3. adv. biology (lab) king 12 t r
3. peer leadership wilson 12 m w f
4. adv. biology king 12 mtwrf
5. english 4 miller-moore 12 mtwrf
6. family relations shumway 1 mtwrf
6. parenting shumway 2 mtwrf
7. calculus a.p. meyers 12 mtwrf
8. studyhall lescallett 12 mtwrf

i'm not so sure about my last period studyhall cuz that teacher is a bitch and i never had a studyhall in my life so i just planned on playing euchre all year but i can see how that's not going to be an option with her so i considered taking keyboarding but i really just don't feel like being in it cuz i don't know anyone in it... and so now i just have to find a teacher to be an aide for.

right now im just workin on cleaning out my mailbox and reading my friends page and maybe picking up my room and car a little before school starts. everything is a mess rig

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lol allllllllllllright.
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