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29 May
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i'm a typical college student.
a walk to remember, abercrombie & fitch, abercrombie kids, academics, accessories, advice, america, american eagle, amusement parks, anti-abortion, anti-discrimination, anti-terrorism, aol, asians, babies, badminton, bath & body works, beaches, beauty, being a virgin, being ditzy, belts, blonde hair, britney spears, bubble baths, business, butterflies, cafe caramel chillers, candles, cedar point, cell phones, cherries, chocolate chip poptarts, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate milk, christianity, cities, class of 2004, cleveland ohio, clothes, clouds, comedians, cooking, cuddling, curly hair, dancing, diversity, dreaming, dreams, driving, extra gum, eyes, fantasies, fashion, flip-flops, flirting, french fries, friday nights, friends, giggling, glitter, gossip, having fun, hollister, hooded sweatshirts, hot guys, hot weather, hugs, innocence, japanese, jay hernandez, josh hartnett, kids, laughing at myself, legally blonde, liberal arts, lime tostitos, lipgloss, lips, love, low rise jeans, ludens cough drops, magazines, make-up, making friends, male abercrombie models, mascara, math, meeting new people, mikes hard lemonade, mitsubishi eclipse spyders, movies, mp3s, mtv, music, national honor society, nationalism, nestea, new york city, ohio state university, pearl harbor, photography, pictures, ping pong, pink, pontiac sunfires, pop music, popularity, preps, pretty boys, puppies, rainbows, russian toilets, s.a.d.d., scrambler, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, smiling, smoothies, souped up sunfires, sour skittles, southpark mall, spanish, sporks, stars, strawberries, strawberry daquiris, style, sunsets, surveys, sweet and sour chicken, tacos, talking, tans, teens, thin mint girlscout cookies, thongs, thunder storms, tom green, tomatoes, toyota celicas, trends, vanilla milk, weekends, white roses, wine coolers, wishing, zoog disney

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