Jillyn (jill) wrote,

you be my burger king, i'll be your diary queen , you do it my way, and i'll treat you right..

oh geeze. i been so busy the past two days. school has realy sucked. i've been really stressed... lots of work to do and no time that i really want to do it. lol. last night iwent to the franklin park mall in toledo. that means on sunday i went to cleveland, monday i went to elyeria, and tuesday i went to toledo. omg their abercrombie is so much better than the one in strongsville.i love it.t hey have like EVERYTHING. in EVERY size. but they don't have a hollister..... so it doesn't really work out...i guess today i should have gone to columbus. just so i can visit the whole state in 4 days and still go to school. lol. needless to say. there aren't ANY homecoming dresses i like this year. usually theres one im like omg i love that dress..... but there isn't any like that. none of them are really "me" most of them are black and red and glittery.... and thats just not me..... maybe i just shouldn't go. i don't know. i've finally realized that missing class doesn't really help you out in the long run. maybe it's worth it though. who knows. today sucked. yesterday sucked. i won't go into detail really i guess... but thye've been the worst two days of my life in a long time. i guess that's about all i have to say really.
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