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ever think about this... viagra is covered by insurance but birth control isn't.

be good or be good at it

okay the past few days have been quite busy. i've had a lot of fun. friday night we had a football game and a huddle. i didn't go to the huddle though, i went to cody's house. and we went to pick mark up at the school cuz he went to the huddle and i guess he got a ride home from tom sims and he got pulled over for loud music and they found pot seeds in his car so i dont really know what happened with all of that. lol. we were there for a while and then we went home. saturday i thought i was going to be able to sleep in. cuz id idnt have to work until 11. buti got a call from devin at fuckin 6am and hes like COME TO WORK NOW. what a bastard. i didn't even get home that night until 3. i was so flippin tired at work. and it sucked. cuz the only people there were me luke and devin for like 3 hours. at least. and me and luke were the only people that worked all day. sanduskys homecoming was that night so nobody from sandusky came to work and we had to bring people from other places in the park to work. it was quite gay. then after work me tara and brittany walked around cedar point for a while and threw chocolate pudding off the sky ride onto people lol and tara put some on her seat when she got off and she told the guy that works there she was scared shitless haha. and then we wathced the next people sit in it haha. brittany peed her pants. haha then we went to hulas house for his party. which was pretty gay. but hey, it's hula. lol. i came home and went to sleep and sunday me and my mom went to strongsville and elyeria to go homecoming dress shopping. and there wasn't any dresses that i liked. i bought two dresses though. i think i'm going ot takeboth of them back. one of them i had to like follow this girl around until she set it down. she should have put it on hold if she was thikning about getting it. oh well shes a freshman, she'll learn. lol. i got a lot of cute stuff at abercrombie and hollister though. lol. i got like 4 shirts from abercrombie, 3 shirts anda pair of pants from hollister, and a purse and a shirt from abercrombie kids. the purse is the most adorable thing ever. they don't have it online though. i think if i get time later i'll post pics of whatever i got that they still have online. then i came home and we ordered pizza and walked my dog around the block and i stayed up all night online cuz i hadn't been online for like two days haha. and i talked to ched for like 3 hours. that was kinda weird, but it was normal. i miss him kinda, but i can deal without him, probably. ummmm.... then i went to sleep at 2 and i woke up this morning and went to school and we had a leadership seminar thing in lorain which is like an hour away we left this morning and cameback the last period of the day. the speaker there was really really good... he was one of the best one's we've had in a while... we didnt know any of the rest of the schools there and we acted really gay. lol actually we just clapped a lot.. and screamed a lot.... and we all wore matching shirts... lol and we went to wendy's that was flippin awesome. haha i love wendys! haha. andd...... oh yeah, when i was an aide 8th period today, this jr high boy was flipping this bee around and he flipped it in his mouth.... haha. jr high kids are so gay. and hten i came home and kara called me and i really really HAVE to clean my room. i started doing my laundry so by like wednesday in the week hopefully after school ic an just chill... me and kara are going to the mall tonight to look at homecoming dressees there. i dont want to buy one there though because the chances of someone having it are at least 95% haha. and that would piss me off. i would rather have the ugliest dress on the planet earth than a dress that ANYONE else had on... i need to go to my aunts house and ask her what dress she likes better. tomorrow after school me and my mom are going to toledo. i want to get my belly button pierced. ithink im going to do that tomorrow after school too. i'm kinda scared lol but im excited cuz i've wnated it done since jr high.
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