Jillyn (jill) wrote,

most men want to be a woman's first love while most women want to be a man's last.

i'm just a girl standing in front of a guy.. asking him to love her...

went to the NHS meeting. quite boring. don't like NHS as much this year. hopefully it will be better. the list of inductees isn't looking up either haha. kevin joined our commitee. we're inductions/constitution but we aint gonna do much this year. cuz no one in our grade is really responsible and caring lol. after i got home i stopped at karas and ate some fried cabbage. hah i love it. and then we came here and she helped me pick out my senior pics and what exactly i want of what. so i got that all situated.

don't regret your mistakes.. because in the end.. they always teach you something

so i guess this post was really supposed to be about devin. hah i know you guys gotta be sick of hearing about him, from in the past. but i like him agin. i can't help it. no matter who i like, i alwys come back to liking him. theres nothing special about him, really. he's pretty much an asshole... actually. haha. i don't get it. but i like him. a lot.i think about him all the time, which is why i just felt the need to make this post. i don't realy post about serious issues a lot, i guess.i still can't believe we kissed that night. i really feel like that was a mistake, and i know he does more than i do. i regret it only because i know he has a gf, he doesn't like me, and it just made me like him more. he's just... devin.. and i'm just jill.... hopefully someday we'll be together, and we can both be happy.... if not then i guess i'll see him on montel highschool crushes reunited in 30 years and he will of coruse have a wife and a couple kids.

maybe part of loving is learning to let go...
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