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i think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that. you were born an original. don't die a copy.

"always be a first-rate verison of yourself, instead of a second-rate verison of somebody else."

alright school this week has been interesting so far. i have yet to actually go a whole day of school without interruptions haha. on tuesday we had our first sadd meeting of the year. sadd is and alwys will be a productive organization at my school. lol. yeah right. theres so many kids in a sadd now too... haha. oh wellllll. i slept everyday after school. well on monday i went shopping. tuesday i slept and then i woke up and had to write an english essay contrasting a movie and a book. ewe. lol. mine sucks. today i was only at school for 1st period because we went on the ropes course at ehove. it made me sad, because i used to take a gym class there one summer... before i worked.. when i was little girl. lol and i met a bunch of people from different schools that i don't really talk to anymore, but i think it was one of the first things i did where i actually just met random people that i didn't know and spent time with them and didn't care if i was with anyone i knew. and it was at ehove. so i was thinking about that.... and the ni realized, if i wanted to do it this year, i woudl be a senior. well i would be graduated.... and that made me even sadder.... well cuz during gym class we used to walk by the ropes thing everyday. but it was really fun. i thought i would get up there, 30 feet off the ground, go across one rope and then go back across it and come down. hah. it sucked, cuz i realized when you got up there... that whatever you did you would have to do that many to even get back to be able to go down hah. it was hard. but it was fun. i surprised myself. and then we did the zip cord across the pond. haha. that was really fun. i'd definitely do that again, like everyday if i got the chance. my arms hurt a little, but i think more than anything i just did something that i didn't think i was going to do. i mean, i wasn't scared, or nervous... i just didn't think i would ever be 30 feet up in the air holding on to a rope so i didn't fall. haha. then we went out to eat at subway and came back to school for 8th period where i just sat there and went to sleep because i was tired and the kids were taking a test. haha. i came home form school and i wnated to go shopping but i just picked out what senior pictures i want... woodard doesn't let you keep your proofs so my aunt scanned them for me at school cuz shes a teacher and put them on a CD so i have them cuz i have to give them back when i order them tomorrow.. which is gay. i mean, what do they do with them anyway? now i have an NHS meeting at 7:30 so i better get going...
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