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try not to judge tomorrow on what happened today.

so i stayed the night at my principals house on tuesday night or something i think it was with the rest of the leadership class. we stayed up all night and we went out on the lake and palyed cards and natsumi taught me some japanese card games. it was fun. i think that's about all we did was chill basically. i had fun though, but not as much fun as the sunday before. me and natsumi stayed up basically all night talkin and playin cards and then mr poe woke us all up at 5:30 and 10 minutes later the superintendant called and said we had a 2 hour delay cuz of fog so we all went out to eat at bob evans since we were already up and then we came home and went back out on the lake and kristi dropped her keys in the lake and they were her only set of keys. lol. awwww. haha. that day in school we had a guest speaker and we had leadership training all day with him. we basically just talked about what it is to be a leader and we would do activities to get to know each other and talk about the projects we're doing later and try to start coming up with ideas for them. we were all really tired and when i got home from school i went to sleep until 8pm and then i woke up and me and kara went to the ymca to work out and then i came back home at like 11 took a shower and went back to sleep. lol. the next morning we had YET another two hour delay. i don't ever remember there being 2 2 hour delays in a row. it was sept 11. i was watching good morning america at the time of the attacks two years ago. i still remember what i was waring that day. and i wore it again this year. it's weird, i remember what class i was in and everything. i cried that morning, but i went to school and everyone pretended like nothing ever happened. i thought it was quite disrespectful, but hey, people can do what they want. i really don't have much more to say about sept 11th, i hope everything's going to be okay with everyone. but i know that's not possible. after school on thursday i went ot work out and i did something else but i don't remember what. i was up until 1am because i wasn't tired. haha. friday i woke up to go to school and school was quite boring i had a calc and a family relations test. but the jr high had an assembly 8th period and im an aide for a jr high teacher so i got to wander around the school and watch BET. on tv lol. after school on friday i wanted to go to laurie's bday party, but kara wnated to work out, and i found losing weight more practical than gaining it... then i went to sleep and woke up at 7. tara called me up and wanted me to go to the speedway to watch the dirt bike races with her and lindsay, but they left and wanted me to meet them there and i didn't feel like getting lost and feeling gay, so ij ust didn't go. i wishi would have though, cuz afterwards they want to mikes and hung out with people and it sounds like they had fun. haha. and sarah called me up and wnated me to go to a cornmaze, but i wasn't in the mood to go outside and stuff so i just stayed home. my aunt and uncle came over and we played some knock poker. it was fun, i guess. lol. i stayed up until 2am and then i got up on saturday to go to work at 4am and got there by 5. i worked until 2am the next morning. ewe lol. actually it was fun. tara was there, and we worked at breakers east. i never worked there before. but we had a catered party over there. two of them. one a breakfast and the other one a dinner. we had two other parties during the day too. breakers east is really pretty. i like it over there. and music plays. lol. it's really cool. for the dinner party the theme was like... clue like a detective thing game type thing and all the servers had to get their faces painted to look halloweenish. for halloweekends also. haha when people told me that i didn't believe it. but they weren't lying. lol. so anyway, we really got off at 11:30 and then we stayed clocked in and walked on the beach. it felt so good to walk in the sand. i love it so greatly lol. nah its just feels really good and its an amazing place. then we went to cody's house where everyone was drunk... so we werent there for long. but it was fun too. and then we went back to clock outand devins truck was still there. so we wont get in trouble. it was only 2 hours. a 23 hour day. woot woot. haha. when i got home i was sooooo tired iwas supposed to wake up to go to church with tara thism orning and i set my alarm clock for 7:30 and i knew i would just turn it off.. cuz i do that when im relaly tired, and ij ustwoke up. when she gets home shes taking a nap and then we're going shopping and looking for cool crap for my room. and im going to get another AE application and turn it in. i want to work there so bad. lol. well im gonna go take a shower now. ill try to update within the next week... lol.
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