Jillyn (jill) wrote,

the purpose of life is not to be happy. it is to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

school today was the same old same old. as usual. i had a vocab test. i didn't do that great. but i think i did okay. i got my adv bio test back. i got an A. surprisinginly. nothing else special happened. tonight im staying at poe's condo. he's having a party. oh yeah, mr poe is our principal. so he has a party on a school night. took me a while to get my mom to believe that one. but it's the truth. gods honor. i hope tara is allowed to go. her mom aint beliving her either. lol. it's gay. then tomorrow we have leadership training all day with this important leader guy. lol. i don't know his name right now. maybe i'll remember it by tomorrow after school. well i have to go take a shower now and get going. i have a long night of euchre playing ahead of me. haha. OH YEAH. i got my mom the job at the court! yay! haha. so she was only unemployed for 3 weeks. she starts the 22nd. shes the clerk of something or other. lol. i don't even really care. as long as she has a job. she had her interview today and i had to pick out her clothes and do her makeup and stuff. lol. for once i felt like i kinda bonded with my mom. i guess thats possible. but its not with my dad. i'm happy though. that made my day. basically that's all. lol. i should have worked out today, but i went to the store instead. i have a list of crap i want to get for my room. i will leave some stuff for christmas though. alright. gotta go. bye kids.
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