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a wise girl kisses but never loves, listens but never believes, and leaves before she is left

ihad a rough day yesterday. i don't really know why. james ended up working for me. i didn't go anywhere all day. i just sat at home and thought about stuff. it sucked. there isn't much more to say. i guess i was so deep into tought that i didn't go to sleep until late, which caused me to wake up late and have 10 minutes to get ready to go to an NHS meeting before school about some jr high connections program. aint nothin like we had to stand up in front of the entire jr high and sing a gay song for the principal... lol. it was embarrasing now i look backat it, but i was so tired i was out of it, so i didn't really care. today wasn't the greatest of all days. it was my moms last day of work. my dad was crying. i saw lots of people crying today.a nd lots of drunk people. i just want this year to be easy. i don't want any drama. i just want it to be laid back and easy. but i can see how i never get exactly what i want. i cried a lot yesterday. things have just been bothering me. i don't really have anyone to talk to, well i do, but i guess i really just don't feel like talking. i think i'm going to cry again tonight. devin is still being the biggest dick in the world, although he doesn't have it. and i called brandon like an hour ago and frankie is over there. they seem to be back together. i don't have time to worry about it. i miss him though, but there isn't anything i can do about it. at some point, you have to give up. and you have to make the decision on when to do it, and its always really hard for me to let go of people that mean a lot to me. i think thats natural. today at school didn't erlaly suck, i guess. after school me and kara went ot the y and worked out, and then we went to the mall and neither of us got anything and we came home. what a fun trip. i'm trying to lose weight before homecoming. it's in like a month. i don't know why. i'm probably not going to homecoming.
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