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giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.

so the first day of school went decent. i had cramps really bad but the school aspect of school was good. haha. i think school is going to be awesome this year. maybe i'm being fooled but at least im positive right now.

first impressions:
econ well i had mr yantz last year. people tell me that econ is kinda like intro to business 2. you do exactly the same things. this was my favorite class last year and he was my favorite teacher. i'm actually kinda exicted about it. haha.
spanish 4 a.p. well today senor just rambled on about nothing. he's really good at that. he lost a lot of weight this summer. im proud of him. i sit in the front of the class this year. so maybe he'll talk to me more and i'll get a better grade. lol. spanish always has its good days and bad days. but it's worth it. the people in that class are awesome. this is the first year there are actually 2 spanish 4 classes. that's kinda weird. i wish there was only one. but there are cool people in there.
adv bio ha. we had work to do already today. i had mr king the teacher for bio when i was in 9th grade and i got a's all year. i don't remember doing anything in that class. you take a lot of notes and then he tells you exactly whats on all of the tests.
peer leadreship i didn't have this today. but i went to it a few times during the school year last year. i heard it's really easy to get an A in. i'm actually kinda nervous about it. i don't know.
english wellll english this year is interesting. this is my most questionable class. i mean, the class is awesome. everyone's in there basically. there's like 45 people in there. lol. we have assigned seats though. that sucks. me and jt sat in the back by the fan and talked the whole time. lol. i really hate the subject of english though. and i hope she doesn't move jt to the t's cuz his last name starts with a t. lol.
family relations well i've had mrs shumway every year since iwas a freshman. what can i say. i love her. shes kinda like my mom in school. lol. i will take any class she teaches. it's weird this year, cuz sarah and molly are in that class and i'm used to having her with just kara. but it will still be fun.
calculus a.p. mrs meyers i had her for algebra II two years ago. she was one of my favorite teachers. although molly hated her i dont' know why. this year shes just like you can do whatever you want. i mean, you don't have to do the homework if you don't want to. lol. it's great. i think this class is going to be hard. but i'll be okay.
study hall ahhhhh i actually went to study hall today. i have this teacher that's known as one of the most strict teachers of all time at our school. lol. i realy dislike her. i hate studyhalls anyway. there were tons of cool people in that studyhall, but everyone disappared to be an aide. which is what i'm going to do. i already asked mr schwan and he said yeah. my first intentions was 8TH PERIOD STUDYHALL. EUCHRE TIME! but.... i can see how thats not going to be happening. so i might as well bail while i can. lol.

after school i came home and took a nap, cuz i already said i had cramps and didn't feel good. i swear if anyoen touched me at all like just touched my shoulder i was going to break down crying. that's all i did. i guess brent called while i was sleeping. i don't remember that. he's being weird lately. i don't have time to worry about him. i miss brandon like CRAZY. i want him to come back. last night all i wnated to do was talk to him. tomorrow is wednesday and he comes back thursday. but i won't be able to talk to him until after school cuz he won't be up at 7am..... so i guess i have two days in reality. i think i might go over there this weekend. oh yeah aint nothin like jake stiger and i talkin in the halls. he's a cutie. but i dunno. lol. i always thought he was cute. ummmm. new subject. lol. i guess there's not much more to say. i should probably go to bed earlier today. so i can wake up earlier. and be eariler to school cuz i pull in senior parking lot today theresl ike TWO spots left and its like 7:20 i was like FUCK. lol. it sucks parking when all the parking spots by you are taken too. i should try to be eariler. i guess. lol.

crap i wrote this last night and forgot to post it.
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