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if you run away from me i'm not running after you cause i'm so tired; if you turn away from me don't look back cause i'll be gone.

shit i just realized that i just UPDATED this morning! thats amazing haha so i was actually cleanin some stuff. i started cleaning my room again. i want it to be clean when school starts so i can have something nice to come home to and relax. i came home from work at 2 today. i worked with the perkins girls. they're alright, i guess. although it seems no one else likes them haha. but it's alright. andd two girls from st. marys' that i worked with last year kyleen and aly came to visit. i hadn't seen them in so long . i guess theyr'e coming back to catering next year. well when i got home from work my mom informed me that my grandma's bday party so we went to kroger to pick up a few last minute things and we sat justin and derek there. well they work there and i always see them there but i just realized that i hadn't been there in a while.. so i said hi to them and justin started talkin to me. i think he likes me still. haha. hes kinda cute. has potential haha.annnnnyway. i got my pop-ices at kroger. yayyy i have pop ices noww haha. <33333 i love them. then i came home to the party. people were being mean to me, or i was in a bad mood. either way, i was mean to people so i went to sleep and then i woke up and i talked to justin (brandon's brother) on the computer cuz he was on brandons sn and he said brandon went to galion with his mom and his brothers because they dirt bike race there and he woldn't be home until thur and brandon told him to tell me that andh e would call me when he got home. :shrug: i dont know if i can go that long without talking to him. i hate how he just doesn't tell me things and decides to leave for days on end. i just wish he told me. or had a cell phone. oh well, i'm sad. and i feel lonenly but lonely is starting to feel normal. annyway. everyone left from my grandma's bday party and me and my mom took a venture to walmart to get hair clips, pingers, a trash can for my room, pencils, hangers, baby lotion (yes, i do love baby lotion), a cool water bottle with the freezer thing in the middle of it.haha. i love it, some moouse for my hair. i cant spell that. haha. and can't forget the dr. pepper chapstick by bonnie bell. yay. i haven't had some in so long, but it's so great. haha. i had this avon white chocolate stuff and i loved it but i left it in my car and it melted. usually i just buy chapstick chapstick in cherry... but i love the dr. pepper. i saw it in a magazine the other day and im like I HAVE TO HAVE SOME OF THAT AGAIN! anddd then we came home and i called tara cuz we were plannin on going to cp to find her mom or whatever but when i got there her parents were yellin at her and she left... and we went to kevin rhorbachers house and liz brit and adam were there. we played euchre and then we planned rummy and grant and poe showed up and we watched tv and talked that's about it then me and tara went to visit the bridge to see who had painted it lately haha and what all it said and i just got home and now im talking ot brent.. check this out. what kind of guy says this to you [ Brent [12:52 AM]: and i was just thinking maybe a reason i talk more online about this stuff is bc i am sooo emotional about stuff like this and i wouldnt even be able to talk hardly ] allright. well i'm gonna finish this convo and go clean up my room a litle and hten off to bed i go. many things to do tomorrow.. like.. wash my car, finish cleaning my room and me and tara are going to the school to decorate our lockers sometime. that's about it. i kinda wnat a day where i can justsit around all day, but i know i will be depressed if i sit around all day. so i think i'm just gonna sleep.

oh yeah and heres my bookbag. haha.

and i had this green one i bought in strongsville at old navy... it's like olive green and its kinda like canvas material... it only has like two pockets... so i like mine cuz it has more pockets. i dont know which one is more "me" but this year and the two yeras before my bookbags were from ae,so i'm sticking to the pattern. i sitll need to get a lunchbox. yea im gonna be a senior and i need to get a lunchbox.... haa.
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